The Department of Pre-Vocational Skills at Bagabaga College of Education is dedicated to training student-teachers to equip them with the professional skills needed for socioeconomic and industrial development of the country. Technical and vocational education is recognized to be a crucial vehicle for social equity, inclusion and sustainable development.
The department is intended to create individuals who are versatile and creative, and capable of combining and using a variety of knowledge and skills in product development. It is only TVET that produces the critical mass of the requisite skills, technical and professional manpower needed for national development. Without the skilled technical manpower produced by vocational and technical institutes, technical development would virtually grind to standstill.
The department offers Home Economics and Visual Arts related subjects to produce citizens who will live independently and profitably by using effectively the Hands, Head and Heart. Under Home Economics option, the areas covered are Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textile and Management in Living. The Visual Art includes the ten Art related subjects which are Basketry, Jewellery, Leather Work, Textiles, Picture Making, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics and Graphic Design.
Our academic and professional records have been sustained over the years because of tutors’ regularity and punctuality to class as well as the spirit of oneness among members. There is the initiative of sewing school uniforms for first year students of the college and the profit used to purchase neatening machine and other tools and equipment for the department.
Vocational and Technical Education faces a lot of challenges. Vocational institutions require workshops, tools, equipment and materials for demonstration and practical works. Generally, there is always a short supply of training materials and basic tools by the stakeholders. Since vocational institutes mostly rely on materials and tools for training, their short supply would negatively affect practical skills acquisition. Vocational and Technical subjects also require more instructions and practical time in order to have sufficient time to satisfy their practical goals There is no exhibition hall to showcase products that have been produced.
It is believed that with adequate implementation, constant evaluation and revitalization of Vocational and Technical Education policies and Programme, it would contribute significantly to students becoming economically independent and improve upon manpower development.