Vice Principal

Vision Statement
The Vice Principal of a College of Education, primarily is to serve as a bridge between the managerial and academic entities of the college. Bagabaga College Education, has a vision of becoming the Best Teacher Education Institution in the Northern Sector by all standards & one of the best in Ghana & recognized in the West African Sub-Region. Therefore my vision as a Vice Principal will resonate around this vision statement of the College.

The job of a Vice Principal, statutory, is to assist the Principal of the College in the overall management and administration of the College. To this end it will be my duty to ensure that we apply emotional intelligence as a tool in securing peaceful and harmonious working environment for both academic and non-academic activities in the college.

Staff motivation in terms of job satisfaction, progression, opportunities for study and research, shall be pivotal in ensuring that the human resources of the college are apt to the task.

Colleges of Education in Ghana have been upgraded to University Colleges and affiliated to public Universities for mentorship. This is a transitional level for them and as the Vice Principal of the College it behoves me to guide and assist tutors to ensure that they have the minimum academic and professional qualifications to continue to be relevant in the college.,

To become the best Teacher Education Institution in the Northern Sector is not mean statement. The quality and standard of Tertiary Institutions globally are measured and ranked primarily by the knowledge that they add to academia through research, publication, visibility and community service. It shall be my objective to institute the culture of research and publication through the establishment of seminar and presentation fora for Tutors to present their works; theme up with sister colleges to establish a Journal and see to it that a centre is created to coordinate all these activities in the college.

Furthermore, tertiary institutions thrive and functions well through systems and committees. These shall be rekindled and schedules of meetings followed to the letter.

In the area of cooperation and partnership, more grounds will be chalked to leverage the gains therein for the growth of the College.

Information and Technology (ICT) have made societies advance. This path will be pursued to ensure that the college become 50% paperless in a few years. Technology shall also be applied in Teaching and Learning as well as in the Administrative structures of the college.

According to Professor Francis Kofi Ampenyin Alottey (2009), countries that missed development during the Industrial revolution have Informatics as another opportunity for development. And Bagabaga College will not miss this opportunity to take her rightful position through this innovation.