Dean of Students

dean of student

The Dean of Students Affairs office of Bagabaga college of Education, Tamale will be recognized for standards of excellence in the delivery of student services and to foster a welcoming environment that is inclusive, safe and conducive for learning. The vision for Office of the Dean of Students is that the entire campus community will demonstrate civility and respect; that student conduct issues will be eliminated through ongoing training, education, and advocacy on behavioural moral, and standards and that all students will successfully accomplish their goals as professionals in Ghana and beyond

The Dean of Students Office provides exemplary student services and opportunities grounded in ethical and moral principles. The Dean of Students Office collaborates and shares responsibilities with other departments and units, staff, students of the college community, students’ families to enhance student learning and support student success. The office assists, develops and educates students through organizational advising; leadership programs; emergency services; interventions in academic and social personal; and by responding to student complaints and allegations of student conduct violations.
Through the programs, students are encouraged to be better citizens, dynamic leaders, and individuals who are guided by integrity. The office is committed to challenging BACE students to broaden their world view in a campus culture that respects individual differences and to make healthy and ethical decisions. Development and transformation of students within a safe and healthy campus environment is key. As professional educators, we are committed to constantly improving our knowledge and skills in order to provide an optimum and praise-worthy environment for BACE students