College Life

Take a tour of our campus and, see how our university, its services, its structure and its life is like.

Facilities on Campus

Halls of residence

Life on Bace gives you one of the best opportunities on campus a college has to offer,there are four (4) halls of residence namely Ferguson, Guggisberg, Candler Village and Dickens Hall and a ladies hall


The college has a computing centre used as a Lab and research facility. There is internet connectivity for use by students and tutors. Private skills training sessions in ICT is also available. The centre offers the following services: General & Specific training, scanning & lamination, Printing & binding, graphic designing, typesetting, etc.


Free Internet

Dining Hall

Information Technology

Car Park

Sick Bay

The Campus Experience

Throughout our great history, Bagabaga CoE has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a leader in training the best teachers in education, the College has pioneered change in the Education Sector.

Gone are days when tertiary education characterized by insufficient facilities, poor teaching and learning environment, accessibility challenge and challenge of all-inclusive education. Teacher Training institutions have applied a quota system, prompting many to find their faith elsewhere.

Training is what brings optimism, relief, intellect and the courage to face and conquer the world. The lives of families have changed, and the world sees a desperate and educated youth contributing their share of growth to society and the country.

Educational youth cannot do without commitment, enthusiasm and resilience to self-education.

However, without hesitation or whatever, I endorse this university as the first choice. Educated young people experienced modern teaching and learning facilities, a well-equipped library, a well-equipped internet and advanced technology facilities for teaching and learning and much more.

For the best college of education, I recommend that you should choose Bagabaga and you won’t regret it.