Bagabaga College of Education held their Matriculation for the 2020/2021 year students.

In his address, The Principal, Amadu Musah Abudu (PhD), told the students that, admissions process for the 2020/2021 academic year has just been completed and is indeed the reason why we are here today, the matriculation provides an opportunity for freshmen and women who have gained admission into various programmes to be officially inducted as Junior Members into this academically stimulating and socially exciting community. The ceremony is also significant because it provides the opportunity for you, young men and women, to pledge your allegiance to the authority of the College through the administration of the Matriculation Oath, and you will in due course, be expected to sign a bond to be of good behaviour and to subject yourself to the authority of all in whom authority has been vested in this College.

He also mentioned that 263 students of the College have been awarded Government of Ghana Scholarship Scheme. You are therefore reminded to apply for the scholarship as soon as it is being advertised he said. My advice to you is to forestall students’ inability to pay college and examination fees when they are in other levels.

In conclusion the principal advised the students that their primary aim for coming here is to study and he urge them to channel their energies in that direction. Remember that you were admitted to the College as an individual and you will graduate as an individual. You are therefore solely responsible for all your actions, in the course of time, you will encounter new experiences.  Some of you will enter new relationships, some of which may be life-long.  By all means enjoy them but remain focused, he concluded.

The Principal
(Amadu Musah Abudu (PhD))

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